Lee Minho & Gu Hyesun together for Taiwan


As I informed u previously, Lee Minho & Gu Hyesun are leaving for Taiwan due to the Boys over Flowers drama promo activity.

They will stay in Taiwan for 3 days 2 nights (June 1-3,2009)

Here are photos during the departure  😉

Lee Minho’s looking great with the blue cardigan n white Tee inside ^^

While uri Hyesun was looking pretty from top ’till toe ^^ I heart her nice crop jacket, Gorgeous Tee, pretty black leather legging n the most gorgeous is her heels ♥♥♥

Photos via NATE







12 thoughts on “Lee Minho & Gu Hyesun together for Taiwan

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  2. when the exact day willl you shout your being in each other? hope you never throw the wishes of your fans you too become a real couple someday…..!WHEN YOUR NEXT MOVIE OR DRAMA TOGETHER? MINSUN PLEASE DERECT.MAKE ANOTHER SCENE FOR GU HYE SUN AND LEE MINHO….ASSAP MORE MORE MORE…BECAUSE THEY ARE REALLY PERFECT. NO ONE CAN DO, THEIR LOVE AFFAIR IN THE DRAMA.ITS ME RHEABABE in state of kuwait, i hope to visit in korea to just meet there…habibi minho, habibti hayyati ento ettnin.means in english i really love both of you. in my life too.

  3. I love Koo Hye Sun and Lee MInho….they are the most compatible perfect couple ever!….You are really soulmates!….You are destined for one another….Hope you produce more teledramas soon, coz you really are a click…believe it or not……..I know the finale will be a wedding for the two of you!…Congratulations!

  4. koo hye sun and lee minho, you’re a great couple… i’m sure if you become a couple, you will make world stop to look for you…

  5. for me..lee min ho and koo hye sun are meant for each other .. they are the cutest couple ………….. ayeeeehhhh ….. go MINSUN !!!!!!!!! im MINSUN forever ………….

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