(Haptic Mission) Season 2 Eps 5 ENG SUB


Finally the ENG sub out ^^

Videos via iBreatheLifeMusic

Part 1

*lol* @ HJ random 4Ds ^^ ♥ how Minho’s calling Joon & HJ *hyung*

*lol* when Joon confused n when Minho says he shud work w/ HJ instead w/ Joon 🙂

Part 2

Joon is using Junpyo’s Power 🙂 Junpyo wants to give signs *lol*

*lol* when Joon says : “it’s an all girl school” – Minho says :”that’s good” 🙂

*lol* @ “DanBi Phone ” 🙂

*lol* @ the teachers in hurry asking 4 signs ^^ Me too if I was there ^^

Part 3

*lol* @ Joon’s : “why there’s sonar sound” 🙂 Minho is saying “Shiro” Omo ^^


8 thoughts on “(Haptic Mission) Season 2 Eps 5 ENG SUB

  1. marin.. do you have the full episode..?? I mean from episode 1 – now..? with engsub of course..? xP hehe kinda late to follow..
    tx ^.^

    • hi maya ^^ yes i do have it.. i will post it the soonest then ^^ eps 6 is still under sub process. will post it the soonest too ^^ btw, do we know each other in real life ? hehe.. since u called me marin 😉

  2. hahaha marin, it’s me.. maya.. check ur fb, how many person named maya xP hihihi..
    btw, do you hv the hd format..? a little hi-rest than yt version..?

    • omo.. Maya onnie ??? mianhae… cho neun mollasoyo ^^ haha… HD ?? emm, nope. but I can look for it if u want me to ^^ will inform u the soonest yah ^^

  3. hello 🙂
    i wanna ask why i can’t watch all of this video?
    when i click play button,it says “this video has been removed due to terms of use violation”
    what’s matter?
    i’m going to download all of this

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