(Watch & Review) Music Core June 06,2009

suju mucore

Weekend means Music Shows ^^ This time I will review MBC Music Core first !

A’st1 – Dynamite (via PurpleFanoo)

I love their wardrobe.. yet, Tomo & leader didn’t do well 😦

Thx God Hanbyul n Jangmoon were doin’ fine ^^

I love Inkyu’s voice when singing (though today isn’t his best)

but i think they shud give him more parts besides rapping.

N please gives Haiming a line @ least:(

V.O.S – Keunilida (via 33hany)

Clothing ok w/ manly concept ( But pliz ignore that 7/8 pants 😦 )

The song is quite ok , but need more time to make me put it into my mp3 playlist ^^

2PM – Again&Again (via SNSDBigBangDBSK2PM)

Using black & pink clothing thistime !

No Khun 😦 Great LIVE indeed ^^

This group is starting to steal my attention ^^

If they keep going like this (great LIVE n etc.) I will be their avid fan soon or later ^^

SHInee-Juliette ~Comeback~ (via soultrue)

Wardrobe ok ^^ Voice ok ^^

Taemin is so cute yet what’s up w/ the hair ?!?

But i dunno why the song doesn’t dragged me like their previous singles 😦

SuJu – It’s You (via KyuhyunDonghae)

Love Kyu‘s glove a lot ^^ Donghae is so handsomeeee ^^

Hangeng is absence due 2 China’s event

A Perfect closing stage by SuJu ^^


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