(Versus) Lee Hyori vs Koda Kumi

Credit : hallyuism if taken out

Ok, now the  K-netizen comes up with their recent investigation. This time, they voiced out the possibility of plagiarism action by Japan’s  Diva Koda Kumi ‘Lick me’ single (May 2009) to Korea’s Sexy Queen Lee Hyori’s ‘You Go Girl’ album which released on July 2008.

They talked about the similarity in the MV , such as : the coffeshop scenes- school bus scenes-the balloon’s words-the mushroom hair- ’till the MV closing.

Comparison pictures provided by them *of course lol*(via NATE)

See it by urself whether  Koda Kumi really copied Sexy Queen’s who was also accused to counterfeit Christina Aguilera‘s Candyman for this You Go Girl concept.. wuhu.. this plagiarism issue will never ending then  >_<

coffee shop scenes

The Coffee Shop Scene

skul bus scene

The School Bus Scene

balloon word

The Balloon Word Scene

Mushroom hair comparison

The Mushroom Hair !

It’s only Hyori’s dancer for God sake >_<

Mushroom hair & MV closing comparison

Now the MV Closing Competition !

Just the balloon which might makes us think it looks the same.

  • My opinion is : Lee Hyori‘s MV did get inspired by Christina Aguilera yet NOT all scenes are the same, and same case to Koda Kumi‘s video. It’s only brought up the same atmosphere of colorful MV n else. Yet, for the mushroom hair, didn’t Inyoung did that first *now that if we want to talk who does it first n stuff* I think the two MVs aren’t exactly the same-they just have the same atmosphere.

Koda Kumi‘s MV is removed from YT so just see photos above for your comparison. Here’s Lee Hyori‘s  for a rendezvous and a clearer view ^^ (via wondersmurfLee Hyori Onnie jjang ^^


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