(Watch & Review) MBC Music Core June 13,2009

MBC Music Core

SeeYa, Davichi, JiYeon (Tara) – Women’s Generation

(via CodeMonmonSeason2)

Strong vocal as always n nice outfit ^^

Jiyeon is so cute 🙂

SHINee – Juliette (via CodeMonmonSeason2)

Better wardrobe *thx God* yet, just ignore the feather-ish

Taemin’s hair is straight again *fiuh*

Great vocal as always ^^

After School – Diva (via CodeMonmonSeason2)

The most stable performer ^^

I love leader  Gahee’s pants ♥

I love Becca’s Crop Jacket ♥

After School Rocks ^^

2PM – Hate You (via CodeMonmonSeason2)

This song is so addictive n_n

Yet, their stylist seems to run out of ideas.

Their wardrobe is a mix between last week’s stages ^^

But thx God Khun isn’t wearing the so called brown pants *sigh*

Wooyoung n Khun are totally hawt ^^

SuJu – It’s You (via CodeMonmonSeason2)

Great opening from Eunhyuk-ee & Shindong ^^

I’ve notice that in their recent promo Eunhyuk-ee always gets

the best shoes *shiny n all*

Maybe because he focused on his feet movements ^^

Love Eunhyuk-ee a lot *fangirling mode on*


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