(Watch & Review) SBS Inki Gayo June 14,2009

SBS Inki Gayo

Beige – jijiri (via CodeMonmonSeason3)

Nice voice ^^ Geunyang, she looks like SuJu Ryeowook

when she closes her eyes *think*

Kim Jongwook feat.Davichi Minyoung

(via CodeMonmonSeason3)

A very sweet song n performances ^^

Love the chemistry on stage ^^

Yet, am not diggin’ the 7/8 pants >_<

IU-Boo (remix)

(via CodeMonmonSeason3)

I think she’s not very well, since she used to perform better than this !

She missed  some keys in this stage..

Still a sweet song from her 🙂

K.Will-One droplet in a second

(via CodeMonmonSeason3)

Speechless.. he’s just too good ^^

SuJu – It’s You (via CodeMonmonSeason3)

It’s a gold-grey-ish this time ^^

Hankyung w/ plaid hat looks great ^^

2Pm Interview (via CodeMonmonSeason3)

Khun + Jay’s Dance Signnature ♥

Taec’s Eyes n glasses *omo*

All 2 PM member is getting hotter everytime i see ’em

*lol* at Honggi ^^

2PM- Hate You

(via CodeMonmonSeason3)

OMG !! Speechless. They’re all HAWT!!

this time it’s dar grey-ish concept 🙂

I think they changed the choreo a bit .. still hot though ^^

2NE1 – Fire

(via CodeMonmonSeason3)

Awesome.. uri Bom-ee is so pretty !

2NE1 winning & encore (via CodeMonmonSeason3)

CL is so cool ! Bom-ee is crying ^^ Dara is so cute ^^

Maknae is so happy ^^

Congratsss !!!


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