(SneakPeek) ~Oppa Sign Juseyo~

the signature

credit : hallyuism if taken out

So, a K-netizen posted this photo in the internet yesterday June 16,2009 as she was spotting Se7en in Kookmin Uni last friday on June 12,2009.

Se7en enrolled to sports industry management major in Kookmin Uni since 2008.

He is reported to stay in USA for his American debut, so no one expecting to see him in the Uni in near time especially after his relationship with Park Hanbyul revealed to public.

This fans, spotted him @ the Uni parking lot while giving his signature to his fans, and she said that impressively Se7en didn’t seem bother to gave her his sign . “He is surely a gentleman and very friendly!”, the netizen said.

He even asked what’s the fans’ name and whether she’s also student there. And he says,”I’ll see u more often”.

And after that Se7en left to his van in the parking lot.

Photos via NATE

se7en in uni

  • I totally miss him in K-Music Shows >_<

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