(Mnet Countdown) Triple Showdown (2NE1, 4minute & Lady Gaga)

lady gaga

I rarely post shows from Mnet simply bocz they usually had an awful sound system nor people in youtube also rarely uploaded shows from Mnet Countdown *lol*

Anyway, today, June 18,2009 the show was getting many attention because of 2 hot debuts in today’s edition from 2NE1 (it’s their debut in Mnet) and 4minute , added with special stage from worldwide singer Lady Gaga who pay her visit to Korea.

2NE1 : showed another great Live Skills to the audience. I even think, Park Bom showed her best in this stage 🙂

4minute : quite dissapointing me u_u I was expecting more than this *in terms of singing live* but oh well, it’s their 1st stage rite.. let’s wait their next stage ^^

Lady Gaga : She missed few keys and I was expecting a more lively stage from a worldwide artist. Yet, Just Dance is a good song n I like it  ^^ I’m just not diggin’ her overall stage & of course her wardrobe u_u

Enjoy the videos !

2NE1 – fire

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4minute – Hot Issue

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Lady Gaga-Just Dance

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