(Kim So-eun) ‘Radically’ transformed to an Afro Lady

KSE in singles only 1

Credit : hallyuism if taken out

Pretty young actress Kim So-eun who gained more popularity from her appearance in Boys over Flowers drama,  showing a ‘Radical Tranformation’ to her style.

In the newest edition of Singles Magazine she showed us her other style with her Afro hair. Her photosession was done by Photographer Choi Yong Bin for Singles July Edition.

Yet, her style was disagree by her fans since they think ‘gaeulyang suits straight hair style  than this afro kind of hairstyle. And they questioned her youthful image in this Afro hairstyle !

She currently stars in The Man Who Can’t Get Married, which greeted the KBS audience for the first time on June 15,2009. In this drama So-eun ssi plays a person with  a lively personality which very different from her BoF era ^^

  • I’m agreeing the fans, though I think the Afro hairstyle cudn’t do much on hiding her ‘pretty face’ from the reader ^^ ‘Gaeul’ yang neomu yeppeuneyo 🙂

Photos via Nate + Singles

Kim So-eun in Singles Magz July 2009

KSE in singles only


Kim So-eun in her newest drama

KSE new drama role

Kim So-eun youthful image from Boys over Flowers

KSE youthful


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