(SneakPeek) Park Shiyeon gave her faces to the family!


I am so sad when I knew that Yejin and Cheon Hee will leave Family Outing for Good >_<

Their 1st part of FO Gbye episode already aired in SBS TV. I haven’t watched the whole episode yet I cried when I see the family crying photos in K Bites. Please visit the K Bites link I gave you, since it’s too heart breaking to even post the pics here 😦

Anyway, their replacement will be Park Shiyeon and Park Haejin.I once asked a blogger named ash (about their reason of joining FO) who posted the news about them. And it’s very nice of ash to even spend time to seek answers for my Q. Details for the 2 joining FO can be read @ Ash’s Blog here

The 2 already did shooting for their 1st appearance eps airing on July 5th,2009.

Meanwhile, let’s see how Park Shiyeon mingled with the Family Member and the Ducks! (via NATE)



3 thoughts on “(SneakPeek) Park Shiyeon gave her faces to the family!

  1. cool…love it…
    can’t wait for the episode to aired
    wondering how will Park Shi Yeon be in FO ^^
    hey, do u mind me write about this?
    will definitely credit to u 🙂

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