(Watch & Review) KBS Music Bank 06192009

Huge Thanks to CodeMonmonSeason2 for the HD Videos !

4MINUTE – K-Chart(Digital Ranking)

4MINUTE – Hot Issue

Better than M!Countdown yet i still hear 1 annoying voice >_<

K.will ft. Jaebum(2PM) – One Droplet in a Second

This song is really good + Jay’s Rap makes it even better ♥

♥ Jae’s Glasses ♥

SeeYa, Davichi & JiYeon(T-ARA) – Women’s Generation

Lovely voice as always !

But, i’m not diggin’ the wardrobe this time >_<

Brand New Day – Mascara

Very Powerful voice ! Love it !

I just think they shud looked more outstanding

then the back up dancers in terms of wardrobe ^^

2PM – Hate You

Love the song – hate the attire >_<

SHINee – Juliette

Nice voice & finally Normal clothes ^^

Yet, i think Minho’s long coat is a bit out of concept *lol*

Taemin’s keep pulling his shirt ^^

And the winner is .. (love leader’s face-so cute)


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