(Watch & Review) SBS Inki Gayo 06212009 + SJ Gbye Stage!

sj gbye stage

Huge Thanks to CodeMonmonSeason3 for the HD Videos

Kim Jong-Wook ft. Min-Kyung – If You Pretend

This is such a cute song ^^

Jongwook is so handsome even w/ the ‘geek’ glasses ♥

Minkyung is also so sweet ^^Love it !!

Untouchable – Oh

The song is good yet am not diggin’ the one show dance girl *think*

4MINUTE – Intro / Hot Issue

The girls are getting better  ^^

Love Jiyun (the glasses girl) the most  ^^

2PM – Hate You

Love the White + Grey concept !

♥ Khun & Wooyoung ♥

2PM Junho & Wooyoung doin’ the Digital Chart

2NE1 – Fire

They totally burned the stage !

Love their new custome concept + Dara’s new bangs ♥

2NE1 – Winning & Encore !

Congrats to 2NE1 ^^

“Goodbye Special Stage”

Super Junior – It’s You & Sorry Sorry

I hate the fact of SJ stop promoting >_<

This is must’ve been decided since other SM artist like SHINee & SNSD are (will) promot(ing) their comeback

I love the fact of the boys in the big label yet dislike it also at the same time >_<

Don’t get me wrong i have nothing against SHINee & SNSD ,

I just think SJ shud promote Hate You a bit longer *sigh*

Then again, we still don’t see Kibum until their Gbye stage *hix*

I will definitely miss my SJ Double Dosage HyukHae Moments >_<


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