(SNSD) ‘Whose Hand’ on Taeyeon’s Shoulder!


See something unusual ?

Here’s the weird part !


Credit : hallyuism if taken out

Recently 6 girls of Girls Generation (SNSD) were doin’ a photoshoot for a campaign related to help local and foreign adopted children have a better life. Their photo results will be on July Vogue Magazine.

Yet, the fans, spotted a weird ‘hand’ figure from Leader Taeyeon‘s photo. Netizen spotted that a ‘hand’ figure on Taeyeon‘s shoulder while Taeyeon was doin’ this photoshoot with Jessica, and in the photo as we all can see clearly that both of the girls  hands were down.

So who’s hand is on her shoulder then ?

Netizen comments :

  1. Scary, whose hand is that ?
  2. I think it’s not a 2 model photo , they just forgot to erase the hand part from Taeyeon’s shoulder. It’s a photoshop photo people..
  3. The hand belongs to one of the girls….
  4. It’s a Ghost hand..

Omo, as for me, I think the 2nd / 3rd netizen comment are the actual reasons for the ‘weird hand’ figure!

More of the girls photos ! (via NATE)

snsd VOGUE

Love Jessica’s Blue Shoes the most ^^


16 thoughts on “(SNSD) ‘Whose Hand’ on Taeyeon’s Shoulder!

  1. at first.. i really didn’t realize it..
    but when i zoom the pic, it really scary!!
    don’t be afraid..
    this photo is REALLY a PHOTOSHOP picture..
    you can see at taeyeon left hand…
    doesn’t Jessica’s legs and Taeyeon’s left hand seem to be an overlap picture??
    that’s the proves..
    dont you guys worry..
    i think thats yuri’s hand..
    looking at the nail paint..
    chill out!

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