(Watch & Review) KBS Music Bank 06262009

SNSD mubank

Mid Year Special – Various Special Stages + SNSD Comeback

are reasons for people awaiting today’s Music Bank ^^

HD Videos via CodeMonmonSeason2

Digital Ranking by Seohyeon & Sooyoung

SNSD Comeback Stage with ‘Genie’

My fave is Im Yoona ^^

Boys & Girls Generation Gee-ing the audience

*lol* at 2AM Jo Kwon

SuJu Sungmin is in pain yet he still on stage

*respect his strong will*

2NE1 doin’ a cover of Rihanna’s Umbrella

Am so lovin’ the Rain effect ^^

2NE1 – Fire

They sound tired for me n many ‘off keys’ as I heard !

These girls are way too tired >_<

IDOL Parade Stages
1. Kara – To My Boyfriend(by FIN.K.L)
2. SHINee – We Are The Future(by H.O.T)
3. Girls Generation(SNSD) – Oh My Love(by S.E.S)
4. 2PM – Friday Night(by G.O.D)

My fave is Kara w/ To My Boyfriend (original by FIN.K.L)

And *lol* at Wooyoung last scene on 2PM’s stage ^^

REGULAR STAGES from 1ST HALF MuBank Active Artist

Kara-Honey & Pretty Girl

Miss this girls a lot ^^

SuJu – It’s U & Sorry sorry

Sungmin in pain that’s why he cudn’t dance >_<

Lovin’ Shindong new hair do ^^

โ™ฅ My SJ Double Dosage Hyukhae is so handsome โ™ฅ

2PM- Again & again + Hate You

Great stage as always ^^

Davichi – 8282

K.Will – Teardrops


2AM – A friend’s confession

Perfect Harmony as always

SonDamBi – toyoil Bameh

Love her gold-ish concept ^^

Baek Jiyoung – Like being Hit by a Bullet


K.will, Baek Ji-Young & Jo Sung-Mo – That’s what friends are for

They share great voice together ๐Ÿ™‚

Rookie Dance Battle(Chung Lim VS AJ VS Taegoon)

Iโ™ฅAJ, but this battle has taken by Taegoon in my opinion

The Winner for 1st Half 2009 MuBank K-Chart Account is ..


As much as I โ™ฅ SS501 n SJ , I think the girls deserve this ^^

Congrats !


One thought on “(Watch & Review) KBS Music Bank 06262009

  1. Yeah, she’s even visited Seoul to aapper on a SBS’ talent show about a month ago. Understandably, her Youtube video has been a talk of the town for a while here. You will need to take her stunt with a grain of salt though there are far too many viral marketing memes out there. She might have been one of the carefully orchestrated memes to impress Wondergirls fan in Korea. Look at the professional-caliber microphone she is singing into. Sorry if I sound like an overly suspicious type but it is just my guess.

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