(2PM) 300 Days After Debut ! Congrats!!

Credit : Hallyuism if taken out

Recently fans in Korea  oftenly used the mass media to show their love to their favorite artist. We can see how many Ads are posted via newspaper everytime some famous artist celebrate their special day.

And this ain’t an exception for JYPE group 2PM. Yesterday on June 30, 2009 the group was celebrating their 300 days debut. And the 2PM fans are sending their continuous love via Newspaper Ad.

2Pm ad

The Newspaper Ad goes like this :

“Congrats for 2PM 300 days debut”.

– My Superstar Jaebeom Oppa : Will always cheer U – beautiful
– Junsu Oppa : I will always pray for you
– khun khun khun : The Sexy Khun! No need to say that You’re my angel !
– Sexy Taecyeon Oppa : I will always by your side ! Got it !
– The most handsome in the world Jang Wooyoung oppa : Always fighting !
– My favorite young charm Lee Junho : The Best!!
– Walking Statue Chanseong oppa : Forever be Strong !

“Despite everything, we will  cheer you ’till the end”

Hallyuism would like to say Happy 300 Debut Days to 2PM !


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