(Gu Hyesun) Now she’s a painter ?


Credit : NATE + hallyuism if taken out

Actress Gu Hyesun today (July 1st, 2009) opens her Painting Exhibition in Ramereu Gallery – Insadong, Seoul.

Her painting exhibition  is also a part of her Novel ‘Tango’ Promo Activities as her paintings were the illustration of her novel.

She’s an actress, writer, director, and now she’s a painter. This YG artist is really spreading her wings in various field.  When she asked the figure whom she admires and consider as role model, Gu Hyesun fastly answered Leonardo  Da Vinci.

Gu Hyesun when being asked her childhood dreams and her future plans by the reporters, “I has many dreams such as : singer, actor and painter. And I also answered that I wanted to be a singer and performer when I came to the agency. As for future plan : I want to do more various activities”, she said

The exhibition will be held from 1-7 July 2009.

  • Omo, is there anything that she can’t do ??
  • Such a talented artist.. YG Artist always surprised me much ^^

Photos via NATE or as attached!










Watch Video related with ENG Sub via iBreatheLifeMusic


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