(Lee Seunggi) The new icon of ‘All Around Artist’


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Actor Lee Seunggi who’s gaining more famous for his appearance in SBS Drama ‘Shining Inheritance‘ is labeled as the new icon for ‘all around artist’. Lee Seunggi first debuted as singer with handsome look in 2004. Yet, he spread his wings to various shows such as X-Man, daily drama The Infamous Chill Sisters (소문난 칠공주) and appeared on various variety shows. He then joined KBS’ 1 Night 2 Days show (since Nov 11th,2007 – ’till now) which ‘forced’ him to turned down the acting offer in famous epic drama Iljimae. Lee Seunggi‘s apperance in 1N2D show has given the show a higher and more higher rating as he joined the show.

Lee Seunggi latest drama is Shining Inheritance which is aired in SBS TV. In the drama he played the role of spoiled brat grandson named Hwan – an heir of Food Shop . His character in the drama is different from the one that we ussualy see from him. Seunggi starred in the drama together with pretty Korean Air Face Han Hyojoo. According to TNS Media Korea the drama is rated no.1  as its lates rating on June 28,2009 is 39.9%  for nationwide. Seeing the rating result, Lee Seunggi has proven his quality as a brilliant performer.seunggi graduate

Continuing his music projects, Lee Seunggi released his newest digital single on June 18,2009. The digital single titled ‘Will You Marry Me‘ is a single which shows his deep and fresh voice from him. The song is composed by Kang Dohoon  and it is also a song with different style from previous Seunggi’s ballad songs. The song is known to gain a good respond from music lover who’s been waiting for his newest single.

Lee Seunggi‘s agency Hook Entertainment, ” Lee Seunggi is currently busy with the drama shooting and also with the preparation of his new regular album.”

Despite his busy schedule , Lee Seunggi managed to obtain his degree from Dongguk Uni within 4 years study and graduate on February 20, 2009. He also received a special scholarship from the school.

Omo, Good Looking+Great Voice+Nice Acting = Lee Seunggi !

What could be more perfect than this 🙂

Lee Seunggi‘s Digital Single

“Will You Marry Me”

Watch Lee Seunggi’s Newest Drama Shining Inheritance here


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