(2NE1) I Don’t Care MV is OUT !

2ne1 cover idc

Ok, the MV is out today ^^

The concept is more simple than Fire πŸ™‚

Yet, the girls are looking great ^^

Leader CL is like throwing her total signature style ^^

CL normal

I’m so liking their concept,Β  since we can see CLΒ  w/ normal hair do

(read : her hair down, a bit perm and normal bangs ) hehe..

CL never skipped her glasses prop

as she wears like 3 glasses & 1 mask ^^

Here are they !

2ne1 FT shock

Black Glasses ! She looks great w/ this ^^

CL white glasses

The white glasses is so YG-er πŸ˜‰ Hehe..reminds me of GD.

cl silver shades

CL w/ Silver-ish or Space-ism Shade like Fire era ^^

CL w mask

CL w/ Mask ^^


The MV starts, when the girls are calling their boyfriends

then got mad at them..

2ne1 fortune telller

The scene moves to this fortune teller..

all the girls looked sad-less spirit ..

nugu ya FT

..The Fortune Teller backview..

cl FT

..The Fortune Teller Front View..

And the girls’ reaction will be ..?

2ne1 FT shock

~LOL when I saw 2NE1‘s faces changed

the soonest they see the Fortune Teller~


Then the story moves smoothly as the girls are looking for their boys

and spotted them with other girls..

As revenge they ruined the ‘secret date’ w/ various ways :

put a lipstick on their face, poured sauce on their Tee

or threw them a ball, etc.

2ne1 ends

2NE1 shows satisfaction after the sweet revenge πŸ™‚

I’m so <3ing Dara‘s Ending Pose ^^

Loves the MV a lot ^^

Simple yet we get the song message ^^

How d’u like it ?


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