(T-Max) Solo Collection Album !

TMAX JunTMAX MinchulTMAX Yunhwa

I admit I know T-Max after I googled Kimjoon in BoF era ^^ Yet, I have become their fans afterwards ๐Ÿ™‚

Their previous songs (album) are also in my mp3 playlist already ^^

T-max is going to release their Solo Collection Album. As we all know that member Kimjoon will have SS501 leader Kim Hyunjoong as his MV cast. So, this album has drawn many attentions too despite the group’s awesome voice!

Solo Details as follow :

  • Kimjoon – Jun Be Ok
  • Shin Minchul – Why did u do it
  • Park Yunhwa – Tears Dried Out

Anyway, for u who’s curious to the songs, let’s hear the solo collection video compilation via iBreatheLifeMusic


4 thoughts on “(T-Max) Solo Collection Album !

  1. hi 2 all the fans of Boys over flowers!!!….
    i really enjoy watching this series..
    i hope that someday the actors and actresses can come here in the Philippines..

    i’m a big fan of them!!!!…..

    BOYS OVER FLOWER is number 1………
    by lhyz_623_

  2. duh keren bgt …………………..

    kapan tuh t-max manggung ke indonesia ????????????????????????

    D TUNGGU YAH……………..

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