(2NE1) Pretty Boy&I Don’t Care 1st Stage!

2ne1 nu

2NE1 Rocks!!!!!!!! That’s all I can say 🙂

Today’s Live stages are from KBS Music Bank Show July 10, 2009

It’s all about :

  • hair down ♥
  • lil’ perm on Dara’s hair ♥
  • hawtness ♥
  • sexiness ♥
  • awesome stage presence ♥
  • Bom-ee & Dara’s improvement ♥

So hot, u better watch it by urself !

(Videos via pr0t0980)

Pretty Boy

Dara is so pretty, sexy, her voice is great and her stage act is awesome!!

What an improvement 🙂

CL’s hair is down ❤

I Don’t Care

Love the girls’ outfit 🙂 Esp Minzy’s

Love’s CL fierceness on stage 🙂

Loves Bomee improvement 🙂 She’s so relax now ^^

Dara is so relax and pretty and sounds great too 🙂

These girls are way too awesome for newbie ^^

Highlight : Dara’s & Bom-ee’s Improvement ^^

Way to go girls ^^


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