(FTi) brings back the 80’s Fashion

fti new

Credit : chosun + hallyuism for english translation if taken out

5 member of Idol Band ‘FT Island‘ introduced their Musical ‘Grease’ concept from their new album.

Looking handsome yet cute with the ‘jeans look’ concept, the picture shows how the member has changed in terms of music style and fashion style. In the new album, the boys brought back the ‘retro style’ from the 80’s.

The new album’s musical style also changed from their previous music sheets, as they are now more open to various music style from ballads to addictive songs. Their new album titled  ‘Cross & Change‘ is giving the fans a more mature side w/ more upgraded skills from the group.

Meanwhile,  FT Island on July 16, will release its Full album of a 12 songs and at the same time  the Full version MV will be release on various online music sites. They boys will kicked off their 3rd album activities on July 19,2009 at SBS Inki Gayo Show.


3 thoughts on “(FTi) brings back the 80’s Fashion

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