(info) HEROINE is 2009 K-Drama trend!

yuri new drama2

Credit : Hallyuism if taken out (Source : NATE)

From the photo above we can tell how actress Sung Yuri is enjoying much her role as the heroine in the new SBS drama “Taeyang eul Samkyeora” , literally translated as “Swallow the Sun” or whatever word similarity you may mentioned.
yuri new drama
K-Drama in the year 2009 has set a new trend of putting woman as the heroine. From MBC ‘Nae Cho eui Yeowang’ drama Kim Namju until SBS ‘Shining Inheritance’ drama Han Hyojoo have shown their success as Drama Heroine by getting lots of love yet popularity from K-Drama lover.

In addition, KBS 2TV Drama ‘Partner’ with  Kim Hyeonju as the heroine alongside Lead Male Cast Lee Dongwook has also started its broadcasting.

Furthermore, in the SBS drama “Swallow the Sun” Sung Yuri will be acting as a neat girl who born in a wealthy family. Yet, her parents then got into a case which lead her to stand up as the family heroine. She will do Cello tutor part-time job, playing the piano in a cafe, Dongdaemun clothing model, until the so-called Laundry job.

SBS Drama Producer Kim Youngseob, “The drama will show how the heroine will overcome her obstacles in order to achieve her objectives which actually happens to many women in real life,” and “In the drama Soo-hyun (Sung Yuri), will show that you can not reach your dreams (goals) without hard work. I am sure the viewers will put a lot of sympathy to her, “he said.

Drama “Swallow the Sun” kicked off their 1st episode on Wednesday, July 8,2009 and it’s currently airing on SBS TV, fillin’ its Wed-Thurs Drama slot.

Watch the drama w/ English sub here

I am so cannot wait to start watching this new drama!


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