(Info) K-pop Uniform Craze

snsd 2pm

Credit : mydaily + hallyuism for english translation if taken out

Uniform craze is attacking the current KPOP music industry. The singers wear their neat and clean uniform to express their image.

For their comeback , SNSD girls has done their stagey for ‘Genie’ song with military (air force) concept.

Beside the SM Pretty Girl group, there is also JYPE popular male group 2PM who’s also using uniform for their ‘Again and Again’ activities that showed the member’s masculinity. In an interview with My Daily,  2PM said that the whole uniform concept was given by JYPE CEO Mr. JYP himself.

outsider sica myungsoo

The uniform concept is also used by the rapper ‘Outsider‘ who brought the conductor uniform as his concept. Outsider Agency, “Outsider album is titled ‘Maestro‘, which is like  a conductor concept.

Not only that, the recent duet of SNSD Jessica and Park Myung-soo is also wearing a Sailor Uniform as their concept.


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