(PhotoS) HaJiwon from ‘Haeundae’ Premiere


Credit : hallyuism if taken out

Today, July 16,2009 located at Yongsan-gu, Seoul, a Premiere for the Movie  ”Haeundae‘ is being held.

The movie lead actress Ha Jiwon spotted to gave her existence at the premiere.

Looking gorgeously yet beautiful with her short hair , Ha Jiwon spotted using a gorgeous gown that shows her great figure as she is one of the most admired female actress in South Korea (Even Wonder Girls featured her name in one of their song ^^).

The movie was starting its shooting since August 2008 and was set to be release in the Summer 2009.

A slight about the movie

It’s South Korea’s first disaster movie and centers on a tsunami that wipes out South Korea’s most famous beach, Haeundae, in Busan City.

More imagey below !

(all via NATE or as attached)


I ❤ her gown & shoes !!






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