(DAUM Friday Chart) MC Mong is Chart-ing!!




DAUM TOP 10 PER JULY 24 2009

This is a new thing that I will start to give u in weekly basis.

I will share u DAUM Chart every Friday in every week !

Hope this will help u to know more about what’s HOT or NOt in KPOP ^^

And I will also attached 1 video per post ^^

I have no particular reason for choosing DAUM site, I just like the chart better than the other 🙂

DAUM Friday Chart as per July 24,2009 (15.28 KST)

  1. Lee Seungcheol – Keureon saram ddo eobsubnida
  2. Lee Seunggi – Will you marry me
  3. (NEW) MC Mong – Jinsil eun cheonguke sarado
  4. 2NE1 – I don’t care
  5. SNSD – genie
  6. Baek Jiyoung – Sarangi Choin gayo
  7. Future Liger – Let’s Dance [Yu Jaeseok, Tiger JK, Tasha Reid (T)]
  8. SG Wannabe – saranghae
  9. (NEW) MC Mong – Indian Boy
  10. SuJu – Sorry sorry

Hallyuism Quick recap

  • Lee Seunggi is still at the 2nd place with his single ‘Will U Marry Me’
  • While MC Mong fastly put his 2 singles into the chart (no.3 & 9)
  • 2NE1 sadly drop 1 place to no.4 w/ their hit single ‘I Don’t care’
  • Same thing happen to the pretty Genies SNSD girls who drop 1 place to no.5
  • Then Super Junior is still in the top 10 despite their 2 steps down into 10th position

As a closing, let’s see everyone’s favorite MC Yoo do his stage

together w/ my all time fave female rapper Tasha Reid &Tiger JK !!

via smint134


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