(KARA) ‘WANNA’ MV Teaser is Released!

+kara siluet

Credit hallyuism if taken out (source is star chosun)

DSP Entertainment Girl group KARA today released their ‘WANNA’ MV Teaser from their 2nd album to the public.

KARA 2nd album is titled ‘Revolution’ with the single ‘WANNA’  is set to be release on July 30,2009.

Previously the girls  have been releasing photos which show another side of the KARA member to the public.

KARA has been popular with their previous singles ‘Pretty Girl’ and ‘Honey’. And now, the girls comeback with a new  concept that explore their sexy side as a girl group.

Right now, KARA fanbase Kamilia is more than exciting to welcome KARA‘s new concept for their comeback. The girls is planned to have their music comeback stage on KBS Music Bank July 31st,2009.

Enjoy the video teaser !

(via arif83 )

kara siluet2

Pre-order the album here


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