(Event) Adidas Y-3 2009/10 A/W Collection


+AD Eva

Credit : hallyuism if taken out (source is NATE)

Event : ADIDAS Y-3 2009/10 A/W Collection

Date : July 24,2009

Place : Seoul

Attendees : Ahn Seonyoung, Yoon Sanghyeon, Cho Hanseon, Eva, Family Outing New Guy ‘Park Haejin’, and Cha Seungwon.

Adidas is collaborating with Japanese Designer Mr.Yohji Yamamoto since 2002, and now the sport brand back for its Y-3 2009/10 A/W Collection with the theme “Movement & Expression”.

Under that theme, Adidas innovates various yet great collection that is produced by putting a high attention into details.

More about Y-3 below :

Y-3 is the highly exclusive collaborative project between adidas and cult Japanese designer, Yohji Yamamoto. The meaning of the name is clear to see; the Y standing for Yamamoto and the 3 being the famous three stripes of Adidas Y3.Allegedly influenced by the all-encompassing image of Y3 Adidas`s three stripe logo adorning Tokyo kids, Yamamoto y3 chose to integrate their logo into clothes. This led to the clothing, footwear and accesories collections by Y3.

This differed from other collaborations because the collection was designed from scratch rather than changing existing designs, giving Yamamoto total creative freedom to create the Y3 COLLECTIONS (via triads)

Many celebrities attend the event, they also looked as gorgeous as the new collection.

Enjoy the photo spread !

Y-3 Photo Collection

(via ADIDAS)

Y-3 Honja Hi

Y-3 leather hat

Y-3 purse

Attendees Photo Spread !

(via NATE)


Ahn Seonyoung


Yoon Sanghyeon


Cho Hanseon


❤ Handsome Park Haejin


Cha Seungwon


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