(PhotoS) Han Hyojoo + Lee Seunggi = ?



Credit : hallyuism if taken out

Drama Shining Inheritance had glued people into its drama.

The leading cast Lee Seunggi and Korean Air Endorser Han Hyojoo are really showing their great performance and made the drama lover hooked into their small screen chemistry.

This fanatism is also proven to encourage people’s creativity 😉


Can U imagine the end result..if we mix the character of Hwan (Lee Seunggi) and Eunseung (Han Hyojoo) into one ?

This is it !

mix hwan n ES

OMO ! I LOL-ed hard when I see this n_n

Remind me of this *ROFL*

LSG n Sohee

Lee Seunggi is Hilarious *ROFL*

Ok ok.. Let’s see the real Lee Seunggi





~ And as our Sweet Closing ~

LSG sleep0 (44)

Photos are credit as tagged !


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