(PhotoS) Sung Yuri Evolution



My favorite pic of her *envy her beauty much*

Credit : hallyuism if taken out (source is NATE)

Korean Sweet ‘Singer turned Actress’ Sung Yuri is back to the small screen and greet her fans with her newest drama ‘Swallow The Sun’.

Sung Yuri is one of the lucky person who is born beauty !

And of course netizen can’t stop themselves to once again show off their skills in compiling her photos since debut time up until now!

Enjoy the pretty Yuri Evolution and don’t forget to watch Swallow the Sun on SBS TV every Wednesday & Thursday at 21:55 (KST).

I think she gained weight ^^

(which am happy to see-b4 she was too skinny >.<)

She looks chubbier in Swallow the Sun drama ๐Ÿ™‚


Photos credit NATE or as tagged!


3 thoughts on “(PhotoS) Sung Yuri Evolution

  1. I really think the girl, she is very beautiful girl to me, there are plenty people are just mean and jealous of her. But some people do make mistakes, the girl is getting older.

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