(FashionStyle) Actress invasion in VOGUE KOREA



In their August 2009 issue, Vogue Korea gets 6 Powerful Actress to be their Fashion Spread Models.

The 6 Actress are as follow :

  1. Go Hyeonjeong
  2. Choi Jiwoo
  3. Kim Minhee
  4. Kim Ok bin
  5. Yun Yeojeong
  6. Lee Misuk

Photos are via NATE or as tagged !

vogue 1 GHJ

Go Hyeonjeong

vogue 2 CJW

Choi Jiwoo w/ 80’s Sexy Style

Omo.. Unnie nomu yeppeo *envy*

vogue 3 KMH

Kim Minhee

vogue 4 Kim Okbin

Kim Ok bin

❤ the hair do & the red top ❤

vogue 5 YYJ

Yun Yeojeong

Stunning w/ her own ‘Mademoiselle Chanel’ style

vogue 6 LMS

Lee Misuk

Charming with her ‘Greta Garbo’ interpretation


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