(Info) It Girl ‘Park Shinhye’ is ABBA Ent. Exclusive Artist


credit : thestar chosun + hallyuism for english translation if taken out

The new Entertainment icon ‘Park Shinhye’ has signed herself an  exclusive contract with ABBA Entertainment.

It Girl ‘Park Shinhye’ decides to be  an even more professional actress and followed other artist such as : Chae Jung ahn, Han Jimin, Kim Jeonghwa and Min Hyorin to join ABBA Entertainment. Recently, Park Shinhye has been showing her mature side and getting people’s attention as the new It Girl / Hot Icon.

Park Shinhye debuted on 2003 as an MV model for Lee Seunghwan’s song ‘Got-Flower’ when she appeared with her pure and young image. Then she casted for popular drama ‘Stairway to Heaven’ as she gained more attention. Then she also appeared in Sitcom ‘cute or crazy’, drama ‘Seoul 1945’. And don’t forget her role as a member of a royal family, young and rich girl in MBC Drama with Singer SE7EN titled ‘Goong S’.

Recently, Park Shinhye is named as the new CF Queen as she is chosen to endorse several brand with famous Male Star like ‘Etude’ (with Lee Minho) and ‘Dynamic Kin’ (with Kim Hyunjoong).

Abba Entertainment,” Park Shinhye is a young and talented actress, we are more than happy to have her in the agency. She has many potentials to developed and she will show it to the people”.

Meanwhile, Park Shinhye recently flew to New Caledonia for her tv show in Olive TV titled “Park Shinhye in New Caledonia – Take it Paradise!”.



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