(SayHello) Young Lady ‘Moon Chaewon’





Credit : hallyuism if taken out

If you’re one of those Shining Inheritance’s loyals, you must have recognize this girl.

Ok, I know Lee Seunggi is hot and Han Hyojoo is also a beauty, but for now, let’s put aside those 2 and try to remember 1 of the evil character from the drama ? There’s one evil step mom rite ? Who else ?

The one whose favorite line will be “Hwan-ee Oppa!”


Of course the smart yet sly step sister character named Seungmi! I know, all of us hate this character so much since she tries to ruin Eunsung’s life and get Hwan to her side from the very 1st episode. Yet, that means, we need to give her a standing ovation for doing such a great job as an actress ! I really admire her acting skills in this drama. minho-chaewon

Seungmi is played by rookie actress named Moon Chaewon. Chaewon born in Daegu, on Nov 13,1986. She debuted via SBS Drama in 2007 titled ‘Mackerel Run’ together with Flower Boy Lee Minho. The two are also modelling for Levi’s Campaign.

Moon Chaewon is known to give her best effort in acting. That is why less than 2 years debut, she already get herself the Best Couple Award with Moon Geunyoung for her acting in ‘The Painter of the Wind” from 2008 SBS Drama Awards. And of course her good records continue as her recent drama ‘ Shining Inheritance’ is being No.1 Drama in Korea. Afterwards,  many offers came to her, and it is reveal that she will also join the comeback drama of Korea’s Pretty Princess Yoon Eunhye‘s ” Please Take Care of the Young Lady”.

Moon Chaewon is known for her calm image from her previous dramas ‘The Painter of the Wind’ & ‘Shining Inheritance’, that is why people are expecting to see more of her acting development for her role in this newest KBS2 TV drama.

‘Please Take Care of the Young Lady’ is set to greet its viewer for the first time on August 19,2009 via KBS2 TV.



One thought on “(SayHello) Young Lady ‘Moon Chaewon’

  1. i was able to watch ‘MACKEREL RUN’…
    it’s very interested romantic comedy drama..
    i’m very like this film

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