(DAUM Friday Chart) Loveholics is No.1!


+DAUM Friday CHART as per july 31st,2009

+daum chart july 31 2009

DAUM Chart :

1. Loveholics – Butterfly

2. Kara – Wanna

3. Ju Bora – La la la

4. Tiara – Lies (Part 1)

5. Lee Jaehak – Champagne eul wihayo

6. 2NE1 – I Don’t Care

7. MC Mong – Jinsil eun cheonguk esorado

8. SaranghaeMianhae – Palju nocho panambo

9. Future Liger – Let’s Dance

10. Lee Seunggi – Will You marry Me

Hallyuism Recap :

~ Loveholics jumps 4 places to no.1

~ Kara drops 1 place to No.2

~ There are 2 New Entries from Lee Jaehak (no.5) & SaranghaeMianhae (no.8)

~ 2NE1 drops 2 places to no.6

~ Everyone is saying the recent debut artist is named TARA, yet, their debut stagey in KBS MuBank this friday, July 31,2009 stated TIARA , and now DAUM wrote it TIARA too >.< So, am writing it as Daum’s writing it 🙂

Congrats to Loveholics who gets the 1st place for this friday !

Today’s Video will be from DSP Pretty Girl Group

Kara-Wanna (ENG Sub)

(via jeanne90)


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