(FashionStyle) Gu Hyesun, “Living a life like a Princess”




Credit : hallyuism if taken out (source is thestar chosun)

YG Actress Gu Hyesun gained her higher recognition when she starred in the popular drama Boys over Flowers as Geum Jandi.

Afterwards, she’s been busy doin’ her other talent in painting, directing and now she’s also modelling.

Gu Hyesun is chosen as the new muse for Korean Young Casual Brand ‘Soup‘.

Taking a concept of living like a Princess, Gu Hyesun has finished her photoshoot inside a hotel suite in Kangnam district.

‘Soup’ representative,” Gu Hyesun image suits our 2nd half concept “Romantic yet Luxury clothing”.

~Soup brand recently featured in Cinderella Man Drama starred by Kwon Sangwoo & Yoona ~



3 thoughts on “(FashionStyle) Gu Hyesun, “Living a life like a Princess”

  1. The outfits had too much happening at once. The black outfit though would’ve been passable if the gloves had a different fabric. This was kind of an extreme concept it seems like. But it’s good seeing her again, didnt know she rolled with YG. Cool.


    • I agree w/ u about the gloves fabric ๐Ÿ™‚ n yes, Hyesun ssi is a YG Talent, she is also close w/ 2NE1 ๐Ÿ™‚ Thx 4 coming ^^

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