(FashionStyle) Park Haejin for ‘Adhoc’ F/W 2009


Credit : hallyuism if taken out (source is thestar chosun)

Korea Contemporary Young Casual brand ‘Adhoc’ grab Family Outing new  guy ‘Park Haejin‘ as their model for F/W 2009 collection.

Park Haejin has finished his photoshoot for F/W 2009 catalog. It is said, that during the photoshoot, Park Haejin is putting his best pose and looked great with the new Adhoc collection.

Park Haejin, ” I usually wear casual customes too, and I really like this edgy style of clothing”, “The concept is a little rebelious yet it suits me well in fact”. And it is said that he was doing the photoshoot  like a professional.

Right now, Park Haejin is busy doing his regular appearance in ‘Family Outing’ variety show and is loved by the audience.



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