(Versus) Kim Hyunjoong vs Lee Seunggi






seunggi hyunjoong

Credit : hallyuism if taken out (source is NATE)

Kim Hyunjoong & Lee Seunggi are 2 current popular ‘Singer turned Actor’ , since each of them gained a higher popularity via their drama Boys over Flowers (Kim Hyunjoong) and Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritance (Lee Seunggi).

And the 2 spotted to wear the same Tee 😉

They wear a Black Cat Tee; a product from Ne-net clothing brand that comes with the price of 121.000 won.

Lee Seunggi wears it with a jeans and light colour top covering the Tee , bring out the denim feeling. As for SS501 leader Kim Hyunjoong, he wears it with black pants and cover it with a light colour jacket and boots to close the whole style.

Despite Lee Seunggi messy hair do (photo captured after he showered), who pull out the best Tee ?



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