(TV) MBC Music Core 08.08.2009



Enjoy the HD Vids via CodeMonmonSeason2 !

Bada w/ Eugene – Mad

I just can’t seem to get this song into my head >.<

Yet, Eugene unnie appearance is so smexy tho she didn’t say anything !!

Mighty Mouth feat. 4minute HyunAh – Love Class

The song is catchy ^^ ❤ it ^^

T-ara with Lies

Getting better n better ^^

4minute – Hot Issue (Jungle Version)

I still love the glasses girl the most ^^

The girls are totally owning their stage presence now ^^

Brown Eyed Girls – Red-Bean Sherbet / Abracadabra

As always the unnies are great !!

Kara – Lovely / Wanna


‘Lovely’ was cute concept and ‘Wanna’ was Smexy Concept !

These girls are getting along w/ any kind of concept !!

Love the BLUE-ish ^^

SNSD – Sorry Sorry/Genie

The Sorry Sorry part is too short >.<

OMO! Yoona was rocking the ‘arrogant’ dance part ^^

Genie as always effin great!

(Special Stage) SS501 Kim Hyungjoon – Hey G

Smexyyyyyy !!! Nuff said ^^

(Goodbye Stage) SHINee – Juliette

ONEW is always my favorite ‘dongsaeng’ ^^

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