(PhotoS) Lee Minjeong & Bae Subin in Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Show




Credit : hallyuism if taken out

In the recent Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Show, the press spotted Lee Minjeong (Boys over Flowers) and also Bae Subin (Brilliant Legacy) among the attendees.

Lee Minjeong as Tommy Hilfiger Muse for its denim product attend the event with her 2 tone top, jeans (I bet it’s Tommy’s ^^), brown bag and messy hair look .

While Bae Subin came with White top, light yellow pants paired with white belt, yellow tie and glasses to complete his whole style at the Fashion Show.

Though I was a JandiJunpyo supporter , I can’t help to like Lee Minjeong role as Junpyo’s fiancee in the drama ^^ After the drama, I was paying attention to her  CF  project and can’t help to also  love her fashion Taste ^^ I think she’s already in my favorite actress list now ^^ Lee Minjeong is now busy doing her CF activities and will greet the drama lover soon as she is chosen as the female cast in the upcoming SBS drama titled ‘Smile,You‘ which set to start its 1st broadcast in the small screen on October 2009.

As for Bae Subin, us who watched Brilliant Legacy (Shining Inheritance) know exactly that the dude here has a great body figure ^^ He looks nice and never thought that an ‘Oppa’ can looked great with Light Yellow Pants ^^

Enjoy the photos !

(cred : as tagged)

Lee Minjeong





Bae Subin




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