(TV) SBS Inki Gayo 08.09.2009


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4MINUTE – Digital Music Chart


4MINUTE with Ga-In(BEG) – Hot issue(Remix Ver.)

Their LIVE is nice ^^

Gain is so random here *lol*

Omo.. My favorite Jiyoon is a superwoman today ^^

T-ARA – Lies

The voice is ok yet the custome >.<

2NE1 – Last Farewell (Originally by BigBang)

2NE1 FTW!! OMO..they sound great ^^

CL as I expected rap GD’s part nicely yet w/ her own style 😉

SHINee (Key,Taemin), 2PM (Taec, Wooyoung) & MC Mong – Genie

Mong rocks !! Taemin rocks the leg dance the best ^^

SHINee with SNSD – Juliette(Goodbye Stage)

ONEW bye bye 😉

Omo, my favorite girl dongsaeng YoonA is featured too ^^

Brown Eyed Girls with 4MINUTE – Abracadabra

Great stagey as always!

Love 4minute glasses girl dance move !

Kara – Wanna

GREAT as always !

*lol* at Nicole in the end..thx God she’s ok ^^

Girl Group’s Talk! Talk!(SNSD, Kara, 2NE1, 4minute)

Love the Magnae & Mascot Team ^^

Kara & F.T Island – Fire(Rock ver.) / Pretty Girl

Honggi singing wrong lyric at the 1st verse, that why he  did that kind of expression ^^

We 4give u Honggi-aa ^^

Love FTi magnae a lot ❤ ❤ ❤ Haha…

And of course I love FTi n Kara joint stage a lot ^^

2NE1 – I Don’t Care(Remix Ver.)

Love this remix a lot !!!

Great stagey !!

SNSD – Genie (Goodbye Stage)

Love that today’s Cam person put a lot of focus to my favorite YoonA and Magnae ^^

2NE1 – I Don’t Care(Winning & Encore)


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