(FashionStyle) Kim Heesun for ‘VOLL’ Autumn 2009

KHS yeppeo

‘Kim Heesun for VOLL Website’

Credit : hallyusim if taken out

Actress Kim Heesun is back again on the Fashion Spread as she done the photoshoot for VOLL Autumn 2009 Catalog.

Voll Fashion is  a South Korean casual clothing brand under The Basic House Co., Ltd.

Kim Heesun had finished her photoshoot for the Autumn catalog fashion spread that comes with a sophisticated concept. She wears wide range woman’s collection from dresses, jacket or layered clothing concept while posing her natural, casual yet stylish for the Autumn collection.

VOLL Autumn Collection is available at South Korea nationwide store since August 2009.

More about Voll :

VOLL is a brand that has the aesthetic sense for women in their 30’s that pursue reasonable consumption. We offer fashion that is not something the designer is forced to produce but fashion that has the design to adapt to any situation according to the life stage of the consumer at a reasonable price. To satisfy the consumer needs, we also have the cross-over flexibility to accommodate merits from other territories such as young casual and character casual. (via TheBasicHouse)

Enjoy Fashion Spread taken via NATE !





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