[inquest] Sung Yuri recently..




Ok, I was tweeting about the recent look that Yuri unnie has recently. As I remember, I was questioning her recent looks, it seems something different, like she’s gaining weight or something, her face is like full-er ! I am not an ANTI okay, I am her fan, that is why I know exactly how she looks like before…

And, my recent curiousity is the same as the k-netizen’s have !

Today, I found Sung Yuri photo comparison that posted by a netizen.

OMG ! I hope she didn’t go under the knife..please God NO >.<

Netizen comments :

  1. Sung Yuri is the best in Snow Queen
  2. Too much Plastic Surgery side effect
  3. Beautiful
  4. Still pretty
  5. I like her old pictures

(image via NATE)

~Yuri now~


~Yuri then~



9 thoughts on “[inquest] Sung Yuri recently..

  1. You know as the person matures her/his face undergo changes. So she will look different from before or the magic of makeup for her shows that allow her to look young or mature as her role requires.I don’t think she went under the knife had botox or collagen whatsoever -she just takes care of her skin well ,we don’t hear her nightclubbing or spending a lot of time outside the house and she has good genes -courtesy of goodlooking parents.

  2. I think she’s cutest in “Prince’s first love” and prettiest in “Snow queen”. To me, she is very convincing to take on the role of “Wong Yung” / “Hwang rong” (in Canto/Mandarin). I was convinced that she’s a natural beauty as she looks fairly consistent in all her dramas, until I compare her nose from her “first love” and “snow queen” period: her nose became smaller, and pointier. Can makeup do that? I doubt it… Someone please tell me that she didn’t do it! :O

    • She didn’t do anything to her face. Yes, makeup, lighting,camera angles can alter how actors look .There is also what we call airbrushing,and believe me stage, and film makeup is just different from the makeup that we commonly know. Pictures taken is another thing,they always like to do photo shopping on them.

      Also allow them changes as they mature,lose or gain weight ,sometimes the hairstyle also contribute to how we see them.

      Hope that helps.

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