(PhotoS) KARA Gu Hara Evolution


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I’ve always like DSP Girl Group KARA since their debut.

And to be honest, when DSP change the member of KARA I was kinda disagree – afraid the new member could not cope well with the old member . That is why it’s quite hard for me to accept the existence of Gu Hara and Jiyoung. Yet, as time flies and seeing that the new 2 girls are getting along nicely with the old member I can accept them in the group.

Nicole and Seungyeon are always being my favorite. But, now, I start to like all member and Gu Hara isn’t an exception.

Specially in this new album ‘Revolution’ I can see how she improved a lot in terms of stage act and singing.

And seeing KARA during their radio show , I am so loving how the girls are actually looking good without make up and (or) heavy make-up.

And the netizen seems to share the same thought with me as they came up w/ their recent investigation; and this time it’s Gu  Hara‘s ‘photo evolution’.

Photos via NATE !


Netizen Comments :

  • Pretty
  • Really really pretty
  • Namie Amuro
  • Envy your body and your face
  • Beutiful since kid
  • I listen to the album and the girls sound they’re having fun when they sing their songs – and I like to hear them sing that way

More of Hara’s Cuteness !

credit as tagged !

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