[PhotoS] 2PM Ok Taekyeon Evolution





My 1st impression when I saw Taec is : ‘he’s a tough guy with sharp face and stuff’.

He’s like so far from pretty boy image to me !

Yet, the more I see him in photos and (or) various shows, I think he’s not that hard character kinda guy 😀


He’s even the ‘Goofy’ guy in my eyes now 😀 I was *lol-ed* hard, when I saw his funny and hilarious scenes on Star Golden Bell Idol Special!

Seeing his ‘evolution’ pic posted by K-netizen today, I can tell that he was born good looking 😀

Taec is like this  popular guy at school that will make u gasp whenever u see him coming *lol*

Enjoy Taekyeon evolution !

Photos via NATE !



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