[TV] SBS InkiGayo 08.30.2009






Enjoy the videos and my comments will be below each vids !

Meanwhile, enjoy the show!

2NE1 – I Don’t Care (Unplugged)

Is  there anything that these girls can’t do ?

They always offer fresh n new idea when sum of their fans (incl.me) is starting to get bored w/ their usual stage !

This unplugged version is over the top !

Way too cool 😀 I love it !

KARA – Wanna

They are one of the most consistent performer to me !

They always performed LIVE well !

I am so loving their wardrobe today !

Hope they win today *prays*

T-ara with Lies

❤ the song now, yet, their wardrobe is like >.<

They shud hurry change the stylist !

Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra

Love the song a lot, yet, I need 2 c new wardrobe !

Mighty Mouth feat.KARA Nicole – Love class

I ❤ the song ! And I esp love Nicole’s appearance ! And she’s doin it live ^^

Nicole is so cute ! ❤ her dress!


FT Island – Campaign Song

The boys are so cute !


Baek Jiyoung feat.2PM Taec – My ear’s Candy

Better clothing and I start to ❤ the song 😀


OMG! This comeback is better than b4 😀

I love their wardrobe a lot !

I esp. love Eunjung new hair do ^^

She looks pretty though she still needs to eat more !

And of course the most awaited stage is :

SPECIAL : G-Dragon’s Stages !

He performed 2 songs : Heartbreaker & Breathe


GD is as always he amazed me !

OMG!! I love the Apple concept so much !!!

Did they combine 2 shots or did they use ‘cloth’ and shot it w/ an Apple light figure ?

Anyway it’s HAWT!

GD is using his tank and super cropped jacket ! It looks good on him of course !

Yet, I wish he used the other MV Outfit ^^

Overall he performed well, just a lil’ bit down during the climax part

(u know the part b4 he destroyed the wall in MV)

which is understand-able since along this time he was w/ other Big Bang member

w/ their own part in 1 song-n now he’s alone !

Other than that he’s great !! OMG am so loving his Heartbreaker stage !


For this song GD indeed looks ‘Happy’ !

I ❤ the performing concept a lot !

I also loves GD’s Clothing concept !

I’m loving it !! That’s all !

Totally a great stagey !

GD is really born to be an It Boy!

And, the winner is….

KARA is FTW !!

They looked shocked 😀

OMG ! I am so happy !

The girls deserved this after all their hardwork !!


KARA Jjang!


2 thoughts on “[TV] SBS InkiGayo 08.30.2009

  1. loved GD’s stage! so creative! looked like he had a lot of fun in breathe perf! he was jumping and smiling a lot! and true I wasn’t expecting Kara to win but I was beyond ecstatic when they won!! they deserve it!

    • yup..GD is so creative 😀 me too, I was not expecting though am hoping they win 😀 that’s why, when i went to soompi n read that they won, I was like ..OMG ! Did they??? Then I visited YT to see whether it’s true or not *lol* it’s about time people pay more attention to Kara 😀 thx 4 coming dearie 😀

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