Girl Group Invasion; f(x) Lachata Full Single; Boy groups Longing


I’ve never feel so stuffed about something as I feel to the K-pop Girlgroup Invasion and Not too mention the newbies and how they incredibly offer different persona one another ! From 2Ne1, 4minute, t-ara and the upcoming f(x) [SME] and Rainbow [DSP]!


Despite my high level longing to the boygroups; there’s no way I can cut off those girlgroups in my Kpop Feed 😀

Yet, bcoz of the girlgroup invasion and seeing how many of them right now in the Kpop Dynasty, I’m really having a hard time to actually remember the newbies >.< And please don’t ask me names !

hjb icon

So, I was quite lost about SM New Girl group f(x).  I only know that the group has similar name to one of the most famous hangout place in my town named fX *lol*, there’s SNSD Sica dongsaeng named Krystal in the group and if I”m not mistaken-I read somewhere how the netizen was demanding a sex clarification from one of the group’s member who probably shows too much masculinity to the public ?

But, no worries, though I only know which one is Krystal 😀 I manage to get their hawt pic for this post 😀


Ok, continuing the f(x) subject, just now, I was checking my YT account, and found the group full single titled ‘Lachata‘ is already released !

And despite my clueless, this single is so catchy for my ear 😀 And I think with SM Power and Good Marketing Communication Team will surely brought this group to the Upper Class of K-pop List-er !

Just Listen to the single and see whether it’s making ur ear Happy or Unhappy !

headsup to urnobody919

Despite the good single !!! I still Super Dwuper Miss the Boy Groups >.<


Stop Sleeping please…


Stop Selca-ing..


And get urself on stage !!

Me Demanding.. while Heenim..


Considering mode On .. least, SS501 will release 2nd Korean Alb on Sep 22nd,2009

ss501 new


One thought on “Girl Group Invasion; f(x) Lachata Full Single; Boy groups Longing

  1. in the video is very true indeed i.e. K-pop is all about senillg the musical experience as a whole and not solely about the lyrics of the songs being sung . How else do you explain the popularity of K-pop around the world, where most of the fans only know a smattering of, or even none, of Hangul (the Korean language) !!! Of course, having 9 Gorgeous angels in the group helps a whole lot too <3333333 !!!!

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