[TV] MBC Music Core 09.05.2009









MBC Music Core – Sep 5,2009

MC Yuri accompanied by SNSD Sooyoung & Seohyun today !

Comments below are according stage order 😀

f(X) – LA chA TA [Debut]

Opening dance is great !

LA chA TA stagey are awesome. They look soooo confident 😀

The fans are soooo louddddd !! Great debut!

I’m anticipating more fr ‘em 😀

T-ara with Kotjimal

Their stylist seemed to stick w/ Black & White Concept lately..

or at least these past 2 days 😀

But the girls really need to show moreof their charm to beat

those sunbaes and great newbie friends..

KARA – Mister

It’s RED pants for today 😀 “Kogi kogi Mister…”

OMO..I ❤ The Song so much ^^

4minute – Muzik [Comeback]

Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee stagey..

Red is also their color signature for 2day 😀

Jewelry – Vari2ty

Omo..Red & bold pink as their custome signature too !

Great stagey too..

These girl groups are way too hawt!!

What’s with the RED color ??

Are the girl groups claiming WAR or what  *lol*

and the last is..

BEG – Abracadabra

They’re using the Zebra custome again..

The song is REALLY great!

Yet, their management shud be more creative for BEG sake !

Thes song & the dance are really bringing BEG into the next level..

Yet, their team shud be more creative in order to maintain their positioning..

They shud like use new custome or anything..so people won’t get bored..

And how I admired YG for this..

2NE1 always come with new things in certain time period (custome, music remix, etc.)

so fans won’t get bored…


SNSD Yuri Sooyoung Seohyun MC-ing Cut @ Music Core

That’s the report for today’s Music Core !

Videos are in updating progress 😀




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