Han Hyojoo ~ from cute to sexy !”U name it, I’ll do it!”


Actress Han Hyojoo who’s getting even more popular coz of ‘Brilliant Legacy’ drama,

has gained a new nickname for herself.

She is now the CF princess, as she gets many CF contracts

(with high amount that is) after she starred the drama.


She might carried ‘average/normal’ look in the drama,

then, she’s kinda ‘shocked’ everyone as she appeared in various looks in her CFs.


~Sexy Hyojoo for Jambangee Jeans~

She can be sexy, cute, innocent ~ u name it !

Han Hyojoo endorsed various CFs, from women’s clothing & jeans,

cosmetic ’till electronic goods.

She’s is very pretty !

I like her since Spring Waltz drama when I discovered her pretty face πŸ˜€

Meanwhile, let’s enjoy her pretty face as she modeled for us in the photoshoot below πŸ˜€



❀ the killer shoes πŸ˜€ yet, am not diggin’ her straight wig ..


Love the belt and vest !



This is the best of all πŸ˜€ Love it from top to toe ❀


Photos via NATE !

A cute pose to end this post !



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