[TV] MBC Incheon Korean Music Wave Concert (09.12.2009)




MBC Incheon Korean Music Wave Concert held on Sept 5,2009

But, MBC broadcasted the show on Sept 12,2009

Though SS501 didn’t perform coz of BoF event in Japan,

I still hv reasons 2 watch the show bcoz Kara, SuJu

and other great performer were there 😀

I watched the event live on MBC , yet, my internet connection distracted

when SNSD n SJ performed >.<

Thx God, we have Youtube *lol*

Comments and video (fr my fave artist) are according stagey order as always 😀

Enjoy !

FT Island – Lovesick & Barae

I ❤ Honggi’s jacket 😀

Yet, he sounded not as great as he always do ….

SHINee – Scar & Juliette

ONEW is ❤

Jewelry – Bounce & Vari2ty

Great stagey 😀 ❤ leader’s fierceness 😀

Younha – 1,2,3 & password  486

She sounds great as ever 😀

She’s my fave among the idol groups domination 😀

Baek Jiyoung ft.Taec – My Ear’s Candy

Unnie sounds marvelous 😀 Same as cd 😀 Taec sounds tired >.<

Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra

Smexy stagey 😀

lol at male fans’ screaming 😀

M– Minnovation, Junjin – Hey ya ,

M+Junjin with T.O.P, Perfect Man, Brand New

M Oppa choigo yaaaaaaaa ❤

KARA– Wanna & Mister

The girls performed WELL 😀

2PM– Again&Again+Hate You

So sad 2 c Jay and NO Khun on stage >.<

SNSD– Gee & Genie

Pretty as always 😀

Uri Yoona & Magnae neomu yeppeo 😀

SuJu– Sorry sorry

HAWT!! I miss SJ >.<

Hopefully, next year SS501 can join the event >.<

Heads up to CodeMonmonSeason4 for all vids

except M&Junjin’s Stagey heads up to 2istedStRsLP


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