Hallyuism KPOP Playlist 09.18.2009 {feat. K.Will, f(X), GD, MJ, T-Max, J,etc.}



This is a new subject that I want to share 😀

It will be my mp3 weekly compilation ^^

The Kpop songs that’s currently inhabiting my mp3 player !

I will give y’all playlist with YT videos !

The playlist cud contain new releases, current hits or mix!

Playlist below is in random order 😀 Enjoy !

Jewelry – Vari2ty

Superb comeback single !

K.Will ft.Mario – Chocolate

I always K.Will’s songs since his Japanese music sheets ❤

f(X) – LA chA TA

catchy ^^

4minute – Muzik

ffffff funky music ❤

Epik High – Wannabe

Superb ❤

Dara ft. CL – Kiss

Addicting ❤

MJ ft. Jewelry Kim Eunjung – Romantic Love

Love it a lot 😀

T-Max – Wonhae (Want)

I always T-Max songs ❤

G-Dragon ft.Dara – Hello

I can’t stop playing this song ❤

J ft. Alex of Clazziquai – Say I Love You

if ure in love mode on , the song suits u much ❤


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