[SayHello] New DSP Solo singer NS aka Kim Yunji



DSP Entertainment silently prepare a new solo singer that goes w/ the stage name “NS” with debut single “My Head’s Hurt”.

The new singer who’s originally named Kim Yunji (21 years old), is a pretty girl with the height of 170 cm who’s tryin’ her luck in the Kpop-Kingdom. Her stage name NS stands for New Star.

NS spent her childhood in the Uncle Sam’s country and back to Korea to pursue her singing career.

NS went to various local audition in Korea, yet, SS501 and KARA Agency DSP Entertainment is the one who welcomed her into their agency.

NS attended the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and currently left her college as she flew to Korea to chase her music dream.

NS was planned to be a member of KARA yet due to her height, DSP cancel it and prepared her as solo artist instead a girl group member.


Meanwhile, another fact is that NS is also the cousin of KARA’s magnae Kang Jiyoung. NS,” Jiyoung is my uncle’s daughter.”

NS debut single “My Head’s Hurt” is a song that comes with a strong sound. The song is also featuring R&B singer The Ray. NS,” I am hoping to show a hot stage to everyone, that is why I’m preparing a great choreography for the song”.

NS is not new to dancing, as she was learning modern dance and also ballet during her college.

Meanwhile, DSP Media hasn’t release any info regarding NS debut stage.

(Source is Newsis)


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